The Aurea is a slim line floor standing loudspeaker. The sound attributes are similar to the Saria model although the Aurea is noticeably smaller in size.

The reduced cabinet size is better suited for most living rooms. The Aurea has been developed to achieve a dynamic and controlled bass performance without the need for strong amplification, as large power poweramps are again not suitable for all listening rooms in size and appearance.

Overall the Aurea will satisfy the most disconcerning audiophile listener, yet remain livingroom friendly.

„Weaknesses? We have not found any“
(Stereo, 12 / 2003, Matthias Böde)

“I’d never thought  there would be Loudspeaker which I cannot fault, which fits my needs and wants to a T. How nice, I have been proved wrong!”

Stefan Gawlick

hifi & records 4/04

Copper Edition (Standard) 

The crossover components used are made of high purity oxygen free copper with a special crystal lattice structure.


Silver Edition

For the customer who wants the ultimate performance utilising high end materials, the copper crossover components are replaced with solid silver equivilents to achieve the last percentile in sound improvement. Please enquire about about prices and availability.


Diamant Hochtöner

The Aurea can be ordered with a 20mm Diamant tweeter instead of the Air Motion Transformer, maximising the speakers potential..   

 Set up  3 way, Bassreflex
 Drive units  HF    AMT or 20mm Diamant
   MF   180mm ceramic membrane
   LF    2x 180mm ceramic membrane
 Sensitivity  90 dB/W/m
 Frequency Response  32 Hz bis 100 kHz
 Input Impedance  6 Ohm
 Recommendet amp     from 20 Watt Class A
 Binding posts  Solid Silver
 Dimensions  width 260mm
   hight 1050mm
   depth 390mm
 Weight  45kg per Speaker