“Gore” the Teflon specialist company manufactures the planar cable exclusively for AudiaZ using expanded PTFE. The solid core wires are made of surface polished high purity silver.

The spacing between the conductors have been optimised in comparison with standard cables in order to reduce capacitance.

Overall induction is minimised by the cables parallel connection. Such factors produce a low loss cable design offering a broad bandwidth without highlighting a set frequency range.

The silver planar cable is the standard cable in all AudiaZ speakers, as AudiaZ refuses to compromise on their standards.

– The best dielectric: ePTFE
– The best conductor: high purity silver



In solid silver wire all electrons move at the same speed, yielding a more homogeneous sound in comparison to only silver plated copper wire. The plated surface is only more conductive on the surface where electrons move faster than on the inside.

AudiaZ Silver wires have a generous wire diameter ensuring that even the lowest frequencies are well represented.




Teflon turns into a micro porous Material while retaining its strength when stretched under the right conditions. This expanded Teflon is an ideal dielectric due to its low loss attributes.

The unique porous structure contains a high degree of air, which results in low signal distortion.

Gore is the market leader in the application and manufacturing of ePTFE products.


The electrical conductivity of metals depends on the arrangement of the atom lattice. Silver is the most conductive metal available, achieving the lowest resistance.  

Available as

1) The speaker cables are terminated with  high quality banana plugs that can be converted to spades via screw on.

2) Solid silver spades are available as an upgrade.

3) XLR cables are terminated with Neutrik connectors. RCA’s use solid silver Eichmann Bullet plugs. (We have tested other XLR connectors and found that the Neutrik have the most neutral sound, there are more upmarket connectors around but we have found that they did highlight certain frequencies.)