The Cadenza Gen 3 is the actual modified Version of the Cadenza with a new crossover and a bettered damping inside of the cabinet. 

The Cadenza Gen3 is a full range stand mount speaker, equipped with  Accuton ceramic drivers. 

The accuton midrange and tweeter from their cell-line needs a special designed metal mounting frame to be fixed in the cabinet.   This mounting frame shape adapts to the dynamic form of the front baffle to create a unique design solution only found in AudiaZ speakers.

The Cadenza is suited for medium sized listening rooms.

The combination of a heavily braced multiplex cabinet, the best available crossover parts, a specially designed solid silver core e-Teflon cable  and the best drivers available on the market have allowed AudiaZ to develop an ultimate speaker with extraordinary sound capabilities. An exact soundstage with precision and tonal balance being the reward.

Cadenza Test:

“The AudiaZ projects a wide and exact soundstage, is easy to integrate into the living environment and is in another league to nearly all its competitors in regards to its detailed resolution and the ease of reproduction.
You get lost in the music, opening new dimensions.”

Stefan Gawlick

hifi& records 2/04



Cadenza Gen3

All internal cables from the terminal plugs to the crossover and to all drivers are made from pure silver with GORE extruded teflon dielectric.

The Cadenza Gen3 uses a 30 mm Cell ceramic tweeter. The foil capacitor for the tweeter is made of pure massive silver foil, the cables to the tweeter are made from solid core silver wire.

The modified crossover of the Cadenza Gen3 offers new capacitors in combination with new metalfoil resistors.

The cabinet was equipped with a more refined damping.

Specification Cadenza Gen3

Set up3 way, Bassreflex
Drive unitstweeter 30 mm ceramic membrane

midrange 90 mm ceramic membrane

Bass 2x 173 mm ceramic membrane
Sensitivity87,5 dB/W/m (2,83V/1m)
Frequency Response29 Hz to 40 kHz, 200Hz to 10kHz
Input Impedance4 Ohm, Minimum 3,8 Ohm @ 84Hz
Recommended ampfrom 50 Watt Class A
Binding postsWBT Pole terminals 0702
optional: 0710Ag
Dimensionswidth 244mm

hight 1120 mm

depth 244 mm
Weight36 kg
Designpearlgloss black, pearlgloss white,
golden ebony highgloss