The applied materials and components are procured from the worlds best suppliers.  Many of these High End companies are located in Germany.

Quality „made in Germany” is not only reflected throughout our manufacturing process. It also allows us to keep close contact to our suppliers and their latest developments.

At the same time the  AudiaZ team is developing his own products, when they cannot find a suitable product on the open market.

The internal cabeling for example is exclusevely made for AudiaZ by GORE.



Werner Höglmaier

image hifi 3/2003

„In der hifi- Szene gibt es sie mittlerweile ja mehr als genug, die kühlen Rechner die abgeklärten Geschäftsleute. Die Repräsentanten von Audiaz aus Rosenheim haben ihn aber noch im Übermaß: den Eifer und den Idealismus….“.