Opera Diamond

 The OPERA DIAMOND Edition equals the OPERA, except of the 30mm diamond tweeter instead of the ceramic tweeter.

The crossover was adapted to the diamond tweeter with the best Duelund capacitors, Mundorf coils and metalfilm resistors.

Opera Test

„Was man hier an Fein-wie Grobdynamik hören kann, welche Präzision und Detailfülle, das ist fraglos State Of The Art.“

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Holger Biermann

LowBeats 10/22


The components of the crossover consist of extremely high-quality mica capacitors and film capacitors from Duelund, Intertechnik, Mundorf and BMC.

The entire internal wiring from the pole terminals to the switch as well as to all chassis consists of solid pure silver conductors with GORE dielectric made of extruded Teflon.

For the highest demands, the tweeter has a 30mm diamond dome, the capacitor in the crossover for the tweeter is made of solid pure silver foil with pure silver connections, the cables in the tweeter range consist of a pure silver solid conductor.

Specification Opera Diamond:

Set up3 way, Bassreflex
Drive unitstweeter 30 mm diamond

midrange 168mm ceramic membrane

Bass 2x 220 mm sandwich membrane
Sensitivity89,5 dB/W/m
Frequency Response22 Hz to 40 kHz
Input Impedance6 Ohm
Recommended amp from 50 Watt Class A
Binding posts WBT Polklemmen 0710AG
Dimensions width 284mm

hight 1257 mm

depth 284 mm
Weight56 kg
Designpearlgloss black, pearlgloss white,
golden ebony highgloss